Gabriels Trumpets

Brassworks Quintet

Brassworks Band

Frank Davis

Gabriel's Trumpets - Various Venues

S.F. Opera, 1986

1993 Promo Shot

S.F. Presidio

Frank Beau Davis

Anniversary Party

with Gabriels Trio

S.F. Presidio

S.F. Presidio

S.F. Fairmont

Renaissance Duo

Renaissance Duo

S.F. Centre 1995

Frank Again!

Frank trumpets for the 2004 San Jose Auto Show

Gabriel's Trio entertaining at Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, Christmas 2003

Frank Davis

Jeff Lewis

Rick Leder

Concert at First Congregational, Berkeley, October 2003

Brassworks Quintet 1984 - Photo by Rob Thomas

The Band at Stanford, May 2001
Photos by Belinda Carr

The Brassworks Band, 1996
Photos by Rob Thomas

Civil War Ball, 1988

The Band with Dance Masters
Jim & Marilyn Letchworth

At the 2002 Dickens Christmas Fair

Lizzy's Landing Party, June 2003

Frank plays his Alphorn at the Tourist Club's 2003 Octoberfest, September 2003

A farewell toot from Frank